Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Voice of CareCredit Panel?

The Voice of CareCredit online research panel is a member-based online community made up of volunteer CareCredit cardholders who we ask on a periodic basis, through online surveys, to provide us their opinions and feedback. At CareCredit we want to get to know you better so we can develop services designed to meet your needs and we have developed this panel to give members a voice in sharing their opinions and experiences about the most current and important issues facing yourself, your family and/or your pet's health.

Q2. What is an online research panel?

An online research panel is a community of individuals with similar interests or experiences (in this case, CareCredit cardholders), who have voluntarily chosen to participate in online research studies about various topics related to their common interests.

Q3. What are Voice of CareCredit panelists required to do?

Panelists have an account in good standing with CareCredit and an interest in influencing the future of CareCredit products and services for themselves, their families and their pets.

As a panel member, you must be willing to complete at least five online surveys per year. You may also be asked to participate in optional programs such as online discussion forums but participation in those programs is optional.

Q4. What information is required to become a panel member?

A brief member profile, accepting our web terms and having an active CareCredit account are required of Voice of CareCredit panel members. Your confidential member profile will include contact information and statistical data such as - gender, income and education.

Q5. How do I register to become a Voice of CareCredit online panelist?

To register as a Voice of CareCredit panelist, simply click the "Register Now" button in the navigation above. You will be asked to complete a short 5 - 10 minute questionnaire.

Q6. How long will I remain on the panel?

You may remain on the panel as long as you continue to participate in at least 5 surveys per year. Members may remove themselves from the panel at any time by sending an e-mail request to By doing this, you are removing yourself from ONLY the panel and not from other CareCredit communications.

Alternatively, you can log in and select the "Unsubscribe" button found on the footer of the home page.

Q7.Who is on the Voice of CareCredit panel?

Members of the panel are CareCredit cardholders who are interested in sharing their opinions with CareCredit and who have agreed to participate in at least 5 online surveys per year.

Q8. What are the benefits of being a panelist?

  1. You have the opportunity to impact future marketing and advertising through the input and feedback you provide when you complete surveys or participate in online discussion forums.
  2. You’ll tell us what you think about your experience with CareCredit and how we do business.
  3. Panelists get a sneak peek at future programs and promotions!
  4. You have the opportunity to connect with other CareCredit cardholders.

Q9. Will my profile information be sold to other companies?

Never. Your profile information or email address will NOT be shared as a result of your participation in the panel. Your survey responses will be reported in aggregate, and your email address will be used to invite you to participate in online research opportunities with the Voice of CareCredit panelist community. And of course you will be contacted in the event you are a sweepstakes winner.

Q10. How many surveys do I have to complete?

We encourage you to complete the surveys you are invited to participate in. We ask that you participate in at least five panel surveys per year to remain a member of the Voice of CareCredit community.

Q11. Will I be able to select the types of surveys in which I participate?

In the questionnaire you complete when joining the panel, we ask you to tell us about your lifestyle, interests and how you use your CareCredit credit card. We will use that information to send you surveys that fit your individual preferences and interests.

Q12. How long will I have to complete each survey?

You will typically have anywhere from 72 hours to ten days to complete a survey and they typically take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable so survey length is closely controlled.

Q13. How do I complete a survey?

You will receive an email with a link that takes you directly to the survey you are invited to complete. Simply click on that link or cut and paste the URL into your web browser and complete the survey online. You can also login to to see if there are any studies currently open.


Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I've lost my password/username!

Don't panic! Go to the login page and click on the "Forgot Password or Username?" link, enter the email address you provided at registration, and hit "Send Login Information". We’ll send your username and password to this email address. If you need to reset your password alone, this can also be done by contacting In the subject put 'password reset' and in the body include your username.

Q2. Who do I email for help?

For help email - be sure to include 'CareCredit Community Help' in the subject and your username in the body of the email along with a description of the problem you are experiencing. Please note that if you have questions regarding your CareCredit account, please contact CareCredit directly at 877-293-0766 or visit

Q3. Why can't I log in?

Have you registered? You must register in order to log in. Have you been banned from the board? (A message will be displayed if you have.) If so, you should contact the board administrator at to find out why. If you have registered and are not banned and you still cannot log in then check and double-check your username and password. Usually this is the problem; if not, contact the board administrator at -- we may have incorrect configuration settings for the board.

Q4. Who do I contact for support related to my CareCredit credit card account?

If you have questions about your CareCredit account (unrelated to this survey portal), please call 877-293-0766 or visit

Q5. How do I change my settings?

To alter your personal account settings, simply log in and select the "Private Profile" option found under the "My Profile" button in the top navigation bar.

Q6. How do I post a reply to a thread in a forum?

You will see a "Reply" link above each post in every thread.

Q7. How do I change the image below my username (Avatar)?

Simply log in, and select the "Private Profile" option found under the "My Profile" button in the top navigation bar. From there, you will see an "Update" link below your profile image, which will allow you to browse images on your computer and select one to upload.

Q8. What are Locked topics?

Some topics are locked by the forum moderator or board administrator. Topics may be locked for a variety of reasons, including when the time for collecting responses to a particular question has expired. Please note that you cannot reply to locked topics.

Q9. Why can't I vote in polls?

Only registered users can vote in polls so as to prevent spoofing of results. Also, you are invited to participate in certain polls based on the information you provided when you registered. (For example, we may want to ask pet owners a certain question.) If you are registered and still cannot vote then you may not have appropriate access rights. You can contact the board administrator at if you have a question about your ability to participate in a poll. Please note that once you have completed a particular poll, you won't be able to re-vote for the same topic.

Q10. Why do I get logged off automatically?

If you do not check the remember login box when you log in, the board will only keep you logged in for a preset time. This prevents misuse of your account by anyone else. To stay logged in, check the “remember login” box during login. This is not recommended if you access the board from a shared computer (e.g. library, internet cafe, university cluster, etc.)